The Adventure of Miko 26 – Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Forget to release this…

Chapter 26
Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Translated By Yuriko Aya []

Received knife from Miko, Yuuna went to goblin near her.

“The location of magic stone is different depending on that monster. Basically, it’s in the core of that monster, in other word, in about the heart part.”

Said that, Yuuna thrusted her knife to the goblin chest. Gachin, there was such metallic sound when she do that. Yuuna put her hand into goblin chest and took out marble-sized purple crystal.

“This is magic stone. I think it will sold for 50 luks for this size.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 25 – Trampling Down

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Chapter 25
Trampling Down

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko stood up before the goblins with two daggers, red copper and black silver in her hands. Released bloodlust. There were some goblins which feared her bloodlust quiver. However, the hobgoblin wasn’t scared, tightened its fist again, and like using thrusting technique, the hobgoblin thrust it fist.


When the hobgoblin thrust its fist, terrible shock wave strike Miko. Saw nothing, Miko blown 3 meters away.

“I see, this is pulse wave skill which blow Yuuna away huh. Skill activation requirements is to thrust attack with empty hand huh. If it’s like that, I wonder if there is some way.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 24 – Goblin Stampede

Since I translate this while listening to Hatsune Miku’s song, sometimes, I write Miko as Miku…

Chapter 24
Goblin Stampede

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna continued their wait and see the goblin stampede situation. But there was no single sign that indicate the goblins will move.

“They aren’t moving, there is sign of hobgoblin too.”

“Well, master, I have question but?”


“Do master have appraisal skill?”

“Ah, now you mention it, I haven’t talk about my skill composition right? Language understanding, card sealing, and appraisal values are max.”

Miko said it like there was nothing, but Yuua was blank in amazement for few seconds. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 23 – Latianus Meadow

Chapter 23
Latianus Meadow

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them left the town and came to 「Lanianus Meadow」 which spreaded at eastern side of the town. In here there were goblin specified by the mission, herbivore docile cow-like 「Frenzy Cow」 or 「Black Boar」 which they aate yesterday also live here. Again, medical plant which use as potion material also can be picked here.

“Waaah~ the wind feel nice~”

“You’re right. If there is no monster in here, I can picnic with master though…” Continue reading

The Adventure of Claire 05 – On the Way with Slave

Chapter 5
On the Way with Slave

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

When Sabara and the others couldn’t be seen anymore, Claire turned around and faced Mirin.

“Then, Mirin-san. Somehow you become by slave but, please take care of me from now on.” [TN: I always have difficulty to translate yoroshiku…]

“Me too, master.”

Mirin bowed her head.

“Why Mirin-san became slave?”

“Because my village unable pay tax, I become slave, the money that they receive is used to pay this time tax.”

“Do you want to be released from slavery?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 22 – First Mission with Yuuna

Chapter 22
First Mission with Yuuna

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The next morning, Miko woke up while hugging Yuuna.
“Fufu, if just like this, you are just beautiful girl.”
Miko kept watching Yuuna’s cute sleeping face until Yuuna woke up. After doing that for a while, Miko’s eyes meet with Yuuna’s who just woke up.
“Oh my, good morning Yuuna-chan. Did you sleep well?”
“Good mowning, eh, could it be?”
“Un! Yuuna-chan sleeping face was so cute.”
Yuuna buried her reddened face into the futon. Miko just smiled seeing Yuuna like that.

Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 21 – Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

Finally… we have some good scene here…

Chapter 21
Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Yuuna requested with voice that likely to vanish.


“Yes, the truth is even in “Slave” I was given blood. It seemed It was cattle blood, there is no problem in maintenance body condition, but the hunger-like feeling couldn’t disappear. It’s inexcusable to ask something like that to master.”

Yuuna was likely to vanish at any time, from her eyes, fright could be seen.

“Why did you have such face?”

“Even though you ask why, it’s blood sucking you know, isn’t it scary? Isn’t it disgusting?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Claire 04 – First Battle

Something trivial but, the name Claire, is written in kanji 九麗亜 wich readed as [kurea]. Claire is usually written as クレア [kurea] in Japanese. It’s my first time to see non japanese name written with kanji.

Chapter 4
First Battle

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Here is? Did I already arrived at Granmotes?”

Looked around, she was inside a dense forest with only sunlight filtering through trees as light source. Under her feet there were mosses growth and she likely to be slipped when she lose her concentration. The appearance of Claire was just like when she in transitional space.

“Here is another world, so I’ll live in here from now on huh…”

Claire leisurely walk through the forest. Sometimes, she use her appraisal skill to ripen fruit at the tree.


Shii fruit
Fruit with faint sweetness. There is danger of stomach ache when eat too much.


“Uwah, just look like acorn, shii fruit huh? Is there any relation with former world? Or it’s just coincidence?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Claire 03 – Claire’s Status

The story isn’t started yet.
Explanation about Claire’s status, it’s boring…

Chapter 3
Claire’s Status

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The status that Claire saw was,


Claire Houfuku
Lv         10
AT        120
DF        110
MA        150
MD        130
SP        90
IN        80
HP        150/150
MP        180/180

Restoration Magic (MAX)
Language Understanding (MAX)
Support Magic (8/15)
Storage (0/1000)
Staff technique (2/20)
Dagger technique (3/30)
Appraisal (MAX)


Like that. Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 20 – Eating with Yuuna

Chapter 20
Eating With Yuuna

Tranlated by Yuriko Aya []

Entered the room, the two of them started to take of their equipment.

“I just remembered that we didn’t buy casual clothes. Well, tomorrow should be fine. Yuuna-chan, let’s get some food.”

Yuuna who took off her wolf leather series dressed in tunic and short pants.

“Master is unexpectedly forgetful. I’m sorry, since I was apologize, please don’t pull my cheek. I also hungry. Let’s have dinner.” Continue reading