The Adventure of Miko 33 – Yuuna and Bath 2

Chapter 33
Yuuna and Bath 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

While grinning, Miko take some soap in her hand, and take Yuuna’s hand.

“Ma-master? It’s fine, I will wash my own body. And so, why don’t you use towel?”

“You better use the towel after damp it at the end. If you use it to wash your body as is, it would hurt your skin. It’s not like towel in this place is bad, but women’s skin is delicate.”

Said that Miko started to wash Yuuna’s body with her hand, and Yuuna let Miko did as she like.

“Master, ah, it’s ticklish there…” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 32 – Yuuna and Bath 1

Chapter 32
Yuuna and Bath 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Is that so? Then there’s no problem.”

Miko’s expression brightened when she heard what aria said.

“However, depending on the slave, they might be become burden when you bring them along. It would be fine if it other explorer instead of using slave, but you won’t do that right? That’s why, please be careful. If it Miko-san alone, then you could get over any situation, but with slave there, there would be situation where you could do nothing. You will lose everything when you die.”

“Yeah, I understand. Aria-san. I’m planning to safely capture the towers.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 31 – Eating with Yuuna and Aria

Chapter 31
Eating with Yuuna and Aria

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“You two, jeez, how can you missed your own inn?”

“We are sorry. But you’re fast Aria-san.”

To Aria who looked at her with scornful eyes, Miko apologize and tried to make conversation. With that, Aria could only sigh once.

“I just normally left clan building. So, where we should eat?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 30 – How to Use Reward

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Chapter 30
How to Use Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them walked toward inn after leaving clan branch.

“But it was really unexpected income huh. Ten thousand luks huh? My pocket is swollen, what should I do?”

“Master, please stop your impulse purchase. Explorer income is unstable. If you let your guard for once, you will immediately become debt slave you know.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 29 – Receiving Reward

Chapter 29
Receiving Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna were in agape when they heard Ayano’s word.

“…master, I want to confirm it but, you registered with clan the day before yesterday right?”

“Yeah, right. And Yuuna registered in the next day. Can we really rank up in such fast time?”

“Normally you can’t. However, brought 8 defeated goblins when registered at clan, out of norm status and skills, become master of dhampir, and annihilated stampede in next day. I think there are more than enough qualification for rank up.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 28 – Mission reward

Chapter 28
Mission Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya

“Wha-wha-wha-wha-what do you mean!? Please explain!!”

“Yeah! I don’t want to hear lies!”

Aria and Ayano were very flustered.

“Look, aren’t they troubled when you didn’t explain it properly? I’ll explain it. First, we were headed to Latianus meadow. At first we were just hunted goblin, but when we got around 30 goblins….”

“Wait, the mission you take is for 10 goblins right!?”

“Well, when we kept walking in the meadow like that,we confirmed that there is goblin flock leaded by hobgoblin which have skill.”

“Eh? Hah? Have skill!?” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 27 – Stampede Report

Chapter 27
Stampede Report

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

When the sun already inclined, Miko and Yuuna, the two of them returned to the town. Since there was no monster appeared on their way home, they could arrived at the town relatively fast.

“There was no monster on the way home huh?”

“I think it’s because of stampede. Since there were 20 hobgoblins, they were threat for other monsters in this meadow.”

“So it was like that huh. If they were threatened just by that hobgoblins then they weren’t threat for us.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 26 – Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Forget to release this…

Chapter 26
Goblin Collection and Magic Card Refinery

Translated By Yuriko Aya []

Received knife from Miko, Yuuna went to goblin near her.

“The location of magic stone is different depending on that monster. Basically, it’s in the core of that monster, in other word, in about the heart part.”

Said that, Yuuna thrusted her knife to the goblin chest. Gachin, there was such metallic sound when she do that. Yuuna put her hand into goblin chest and took out marble-sized purple crystal.

“This is magic stone. I think it will sold for 50 luks for this size.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 25 – Trampling Down

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Chapter 25
Trampling Down

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko stood up before the goblins with two daggers, red copper and black silver in her hands. Released bloodlust. There were some goblins which feared her bloodlust quiver. However, the hobgoblin wasn’t scared, tightened its fist again, and like using thrusting technique, the hobgoblin thrust it fist.


When the hobgoblin thrust its fist, terrible shock wave strike Miko. Saw nothing, Miko blown 3 meters away.

“I see, this is pulse wave skill which blow Yuuna away huh. Skill activation requirements is to thrust attack with empty hand huh. If it’s like that, I wonder if there is some way.” Continue reading

The Adventure of Miko 24 – Goblin Stampede

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Chapter 24
Goblin Stampede

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna continued their wait and see the goblin stampede situation. But there was no single sign that indicate the goblins will move.

“They aren’t moving, there is sign of hobgoblin too.”

“Well, master, I have question but?”


“Do master have appraisal skill?”

“Ah, now you mention it, I haven’t talk about my skill composition right? Language understanding, card sealing, and appraisal values are max.”

Miko said it like there was nothing, but Yuua was blank in amazement for few seconds. Continue reading