The Adventure of Miko 21 – Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

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Chapter 21
Yuuna’s Blood Sucking

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Yuuna requested with voice that likely to vanish.


“Yes, the truth is even in “Slave” I was given blood. It seemed It was cattle blood, there is no problem in maintenance body condition, but the hunger-like feeling couldn’t disappear. It’s inexcusable to ask something like that to master.”

Yuuna was likely to vanish at any time, from her eyes, fright could be seen.

“Why did you have such face?”

“Even though you ask why, it’s blood sucking you know, isn’t it scary? Isn’t it disgusting?”

In Yuuna’s eyes, the color of fright getting darker. As if she thought that she was hated by Miko. that thought was transmitted to Miko.

“…Yuuna-chan, do you remember what I just said?”

“But! Because of this nature! Everyone around me, my friend who I like too! My foster parent too! Everyone! They were gone!! No, I don’t want to, I don’t want to feel like that anymore.”

Yuuna finally cried, she cowered on the spot while shouting. Seeing that appearance, Miko slowing approaching.

“Hey, don’t you trust me?”

She hug Yuuna’s body. Being suddenly hugged, Yuuna was surprised.

“…that, master? What is this?”

Miko didn’t answer that question, she just strengthen her hug.

“I understand Yuuna-chan have painful experience so far. However, are you thinking that I will disappear from your front?”

“Yeah, since it was disgusting wasn’t it?”

“I’ve said it right, you can rely on my anytime. Besides, if I don’t want my blood to be sucked, then I won’t buy Yuuna-chan. Don’t worry, as long as you didn’t desire for it, I won’t disappear from your front.”

Miko said that while strengthened her hug power and Yuuna began to cried in her arm.

“That’s why, never say such thing again. Because I’m your master, even if the surrounding, the world, become your enemy, I’ll become your ally with pleasure. I absolutely won’t abandon you.”

“Huuu… uuu… masta… thank you very much… uuu…”

Yuna kept crying in Miko’s arm.

“Have you calm down? Yuuna-chan.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, master.”

“Hei! I told you to not say such thing right?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Yuuna who stopped crying, her eyes were cleared up a little and have cheerful expression.

“So, blood sucking isn’t it? How did you do that?”

“Yeah, then, please lie on the bed with face up.”

As Yuuna said, Miko lied down on the bed. After that, Yuuna climbed onto the bed and rode on top of her. Then she opened Miko’s hard leather jacket a little, exposing the shoulder and neck.

“Master, you skin is so beautiful.”

“Err… Yuuna-chan is bold isn’t she?”

This time was Miko who surprised by Yuuna’s behavior. Yuuna brought her face closer to Miko’s ear.

“Such face of master is cute.”

Saying that, Yuuna’s tongue crawled on Miko’s nape.

“Ahn, Yuuna-chan. It’s ticklish.”

“Excuse me, master.”

Yuuna bit Miko’s nape. From Miko’s wound, there was one line of blood flowed. Yuuna started to suck the blood.

“Ah, Yuu, na, cha, nn, stop, it… ahn.”

While Miko writhed because got stimulus from Yuuna, Yuuna herself kept sucking blood without mind.  The blood sucking was done in one minute. Released from Yuuna, Miko was heavily breathed on top of the bed.

“Hahaha, Yuna-chan is really bold.”

“I’m sorry master. But master just now, is very cute.”

When she apologize, fascinating smile was floated on Yuuna’s face.

“Jeez, facing the master and said like that. But well, it’s fine. It’s something necessary isn’t it?”

Miko with her rough breath lied down on the bed and hug Yuuna.

“Hue, master!?”

“Well, I’m tired, how about sleep like this?”

“…yes, good night.”

The two of them fall asleep while hugging each other.

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